Are You Alive or just Living…


Nothing is more important than this knowledge…

This brings me so much hope!

The Most Astounding Fact from Max Schlickenmeyer on Vimeo.

This makes me Happy

Happy Friday everyone! Hope that this week was everything that you hoped it would be and if it wasn’t… It aint over yet! Just thought Id pop one of my favorite parts of the movie The Rock-afire Explosion into today’s post and talk a little about going after your dreams.

So Aaron Fechtor is the creator of the Rock-afire Explosion animatronic singing band that you probably saw back in the 80’s at showbiz pizza place. You can read the rise and fall of his success with Showbiz Pizza Place here – Anyways, this is a guy that is inspiring and wasn’t afraid to go after his dreams! Think about it, you may have some super crazy dream that entails something like Robotic Animals rocking out and here is a story of a dude that put everything he had into his dreams and made it BIG!

So… I was thinking over the weekend what are the road  blocks for me that make it difficult for me to achieve my goals and I came up with this list:

1. Drinking: Yea, yea, I know that this is sort of cliche but I’m serious Drinking can be a big distraction from your goals and dreams. Now I’m not saying that have a beer or two after work is anything to beat myself up over but when It turns into 4-6 beers that is when my rate of early morning productivity the next day goes down down down, plus I KNOW THAT IT IS NOT HEALTHY :)!

2. Television and that damn HULU… There are way to many amazing shows out there right now but truly my guilty pleasure is watching The Twilight Zone… 🙂 I LOVE IT, and there are like 5 seasons of it on HULU… So, that is something that I need to cut back on is regulating how much television i am watching vs. putting my dreams into action.

3. Not getting enough exercise: It seems that over the entirety of this blog Exercise and Drinking are major themes that I feel are removing me from accomplishing a lot of things. Mainly its because I don’t feel like my energy levels are up and I know that is a stupid excuse but really when we accomplish things that we set out to do there are great rewards, even if it is just getting healthy and in shape.

So now I ask, what are the things that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals and dreams?

Is it not amazing

Today was so amazing! Loved everything about it!

You ever wake up and just think “wow everything today is amazing”… Well anyways today has been one of those days. I am going to go home this evening and do some filming and post a video on here, I am also going to start my Motion Training course and learn the ins and outs of that new software.

I saw some really awesome music videos today – The first being:

Should be a good time for all of you’s out there in Cyber Land…

Also… Whats up with crazy people?

Amazing Timelapse Video

Have you ever wanted to see the spider in your bathroom build their WEB?

Timelapse: une araignée tisse sa toile from Jean-Michel on Vimeo.

Take some time to Dance Today!!

The new Tegan and Sara Song “Closer” is amazing! What a great music video and something that makes you dance in your office chair 🙂


So Sunday

Sundays are always the best however I feel like dreams happen on Sundays just to die monday morning. Seriously… anyone else out there feel like Monday is this silent killer with a knife that jabs all of your weekend “week made plans” to hell! I want for just one week for me to trust in my dreams and just continue down the path that God put in front of me. So this week to carry the theme of change one month at a time here is the Goal:

  1. Learn all I can about being Mindful and what it means to me and how I can use it to shape my future
    1. Filming and what it means to me
    2. My purpose in Acting
    3. Understand why I feel a certain way in some situations and what it really mean
  2. Learn to Trust my Heart
    1. Plain and Simple – Just follow my heart
  3. Learn more about Final Cut X and Motion


These are the 3 few things that I can think of right now, however I know that there is so much more that this and I just cannot express them at this time. Only in time and in faith in my heart and dreams. Adventure is waiting for me and I will be able to launch this ship, I’ve already started sailing.

I was wondering this week why people don’t follow their dreams and why they allow society to drag them down. Is it not crazy that people are walking around in this one life that they have on this earth not doing the things that they really want to do but letting someone else dictate their decisions and desires… I know that I am not the only one that isn’t truly awake in this world, awake and alive to be and do what they want to. There is a beautiful poem by Alexander Pope  entitled Eloisa to Abelard that goes:

“How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d”

I feel like this is what we do on a daily basis… We walk around blind and unaware of what it is that we truly want because we have become blind and conditioned by the cruelties of this world. I believe that we are blameless vestal’s wandering about without the knowledge of what it is that we want in this life. We don’t start out this way of course, we are a “World Forgetting, by the world Forgot” through school, parents, peers, cities and the television. All of these things plan and shape our lives for us and only the creative are the ones that escape. Think about it, why are we so afraid of following our dreams? Is it because we are afraid to fail, afraid of what others might say, do and criticize? YES, people say do this and do that and if you choose this there is a huge rist and chance that you might fail… Why do people say things like this????? Why are people so fast to crush each others dreams… its because they themselves had dreams and aspirations and they gave them up to become something that they are not happy with.

Happiness lives in the hearts of those that follow their dreams and turn a blind eye to the critics and nay sayers of the world. Dreamers, creators and adventurers are the ones that shape their own destinies, they are the few that build dreams as big as Disney and companies as large as Apple! These are the ones that lead and inspire and ignore and break all boundaries through history. “I say let me never be complete, I say let me never be content” -Fight Club- Continue to grow and live and learn and love and follow your passion with all of your heart and when the going gets tough do not cower and turn and run but hold the bow steady and set your sails high! Triumph again and again and show the world what you are made of and they will know that you are truly alive with passion and glory.

I leave you this evening with this. – I promise that I am ready for my battle, my time, my heart and I will not give it to anyone ever again because this is my life and I only live it once before the good lord takes me home and in his eternal kingdom when I step towards the gates I will hear him whisper “Well done”.



Woke up and this was the first thing that I watched! It was amazing!!!!